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Dottystyle Creative is an interactive agency located in Sydney, Australia. Our main focus is to design an attractive interface that captivates the audience, develop the best system using the latest technology and deliver a brand that will produce outstanding results.

Pingo For Tots!

Pingo For Tots!
Pingo For Tots!

Pingo is an E-Learning application available for iPad and iPhone.

Pingo is now available for download in iTunes. Get the iPad app for $1.99 only!

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Pingo For Tots!



It's not just about design. It's all about taste. We don't just stop at what's good, we strive to achieve what is best. Our design solutions engage and satisfy not just our clients but the viewers as well. We require research into the clients business to harness the most creative solution that is reflective of their target audience.



Our role doesn't stop at designing, we do the groundwork as well to give our clients the best system that they need. It's not just about the flair, we know that functionality is equally as important. We use only the latest technology that the industry has to offer. Our experienced web developers can produce strategic creative development tailored to fit the needs of our clients.



More importantly we deliver. We make sure that we create ways for your brand to thrive and succeed online. We're a bunch of individuals sharing the same passion, working for the same results. We take pride in having created innovative and relevant solutions that have produced exceptional and outstanding results.

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